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    Gonna be giving Inktober a shot over at my Instagram, So come check it out! (Or not whatever I dont know.. like whatevers cool for you)



    Super sonico as goku. I apologise in advance.



    Color Meme Request from Rebecca with pallet 14. Jolyne is (Possibly) my favorite Jo Jo. I really like how tough she is, and that fight in the maximum security prison is unreal.


    For Rebecca, a great friend and incredibly strong stand user. We both fell down the jojo hole pretty hard this year, and its been a lot of fun! Looking forward to many more jojo Firdays.


    Colour meme 1/3
Requested by Saturday Zombie Pitou was my favorite new HxH chatacter, man that chimera ant arc… 


    Thought it was really cool that Rose won Evo.



    I set up a online store for my prints and junk!!!
Check it out HERE!! (like uh… if you want…)
Buy two get a third free!!
All Prints are five euro, with two euro shipping wolrd wide. There all professionally printed on 300g semi gloss paper, and are all extremely high res.


    So a really cool girl asked me to sign my adventure time print that I sold her, and I hen she turned up about two hours later with Pendleton Wards signature on it too!!!
Had a really cool time at Arcade Con, and met some really lovely people, Thanks to to everyone who stopped by the table, It was really cool meeting everyone!


    Here’s the newest print for Arcade Con in Dublin! I’m going to be selling at the con all weekend, so feel free to stop by the table and say hi! 


    Had the most awesome time at Q-con this weekend, met a lot of really cool and interesting  people, really glad to see some of you now following, I had the best time. Thanks guys!!!


    Rough sketch of poison for a street fighter print I’m working on. 


    I’m totally up for this if anyone would like any requests!